Monday, September 12


Kohlrabi is kupusnica that produces fruit in the form of overhead jabučastog thickening of roots. Basically we distinguish between green and purple kohlrabi. Pre kohlrabi has advantages in taste, richness, mnogostranoj application, etc., but has the disadvantage, that is edible only when young and can not be kept apart from preserving. Therefore, the typical seasonal vegetables.

The technological maturity of the tender, juicy and very tasty food. The energy value is oko110 kJ/100 g, but the biochemical composition exceeds all their relatives. It contains proteins, vegetable oils, sugars and cellulose. Since the vitamin is rich in vitamin C and B1.

They are used and stems and young leaves, which contain more minerals than the apple.

Search for a sunny and airy lay humovitu country with plenty of moisture.

Blue Beck: It forms a round to slightly flattened globe of blue-purple color. For nurseries are sown March - April and when they grow 3-4 lists are transplanted at a spacing of 30 x 40 cm.

White Beck: It forms a round to slightly flattened globe white to greenish color. Other valid as a forward.


  1. I've never heard of it and that makes me want to eat it even more.

  2. "jabučastog" ?
    what language is that

  3. Is blue beck related to Jeff beck? Groan.

  4. Is that the English name? You sure it isn't called something else?

  5. It's really really tasty and quite unknown.

  6. Motto to DWei's post: Is this the actual english name?