Saturday, September 10


Chives-resistant plant, which grows to 50 cm in height. The root is elongated bulb. Long shoots are narrow, round, tubular leaves, green or gray-green. Between May and August, the peaks grow numerous, dense, purple flowers. The petals are radially spaced and of equal length, diameter 5 cm.
It is believed that chives originally grew on the Alpine mountains. Today it is found in hilly regions with warm climate, alpine and arctic Europe, Asia and North America. For growth to be chipped, nutritious and moist soil. Today is mostly grown in greenhouses.
Chives are used since the early Middle Ages. There are different kinds of plants, depending on its height and thickness of leaves. There are also species that blooms with white flowers. Fresh or frozen, less often dried, finely chopped, add it to soups or salads. Long sheets of intersecting, a new growth throughout the year. It is grown as an ornamental plant. The medicinal properties of chives are not known.


  1. I have no idea what this is. :D
    But I like the picture. It's kinda retro and maybe even steampunkish. :)

  2. Never seen this one.Perhaps since it's not native from south america?

  3. I love chives. Especially on sour cream and soup.

  4. Chives chives chi chi chi chives chives nose looks like a chive

  5. I love it in soup with sour cream too.

  6. Not sure what this is o.O